Human resource teams are constantly faced with the challenge of keeping employees engaged and up-to-date in any and all situations. Employees have questions now more than ever around the latest office policies, or how to take time off due to an illness or caring for loved ones. 

┬« CPaaS can ease the strain on internal resources with text notifications and automation. Set up a campaign to automatically share the latest, most accurate information with just a few swipes and clicks. Use chat bots and other self-service options to take care of basic questions to free up your team's efforts for more complex issues and core business objectives like hiring, onboarding, and benefits administration. 

Implement Atmosphere┬« CPaaS to offload everyday tasks and provide answers to frequently asked questions, such as: 
  • Checking schedules
  • Time off requests
  • Work from home policies
  • Hazard pay
  • Business hours
  • Healthcare benefits and more
Check out this guide for top actions HR teams can take today to save time, money, and resources so they can focus on what matters. Reach out to get started. 
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