Times of crisis can hit contact centers hard. If you're feeling the pain of increased customer inquiries, dispersed workforces, and potential losses in productivity, you are not alone.

® CPaaS is the toolkit you need to offload work from your agents to ensure customer satisfaction. Here are a few immediate steps you can take to ease the strain: 
  • Send SMS notifications to customers and agents to get in front of incoming questions. 
  • Distribute customers to call centers based on volume or location so no one gets jammed up while other available agents sit idle. 
  • Add automation to communications channels, like a chatbot or social media messaging, to address routine questions. 
While some of these solutions may sound complicated to implement, we've got your back with pre-built templates and a team of experts who can develop and deploy solutions in a matter of hours. Check out this guide for more ways your contact center can maintain exceptional customer service. 
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