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Atmosphere® CPaaS for Operational Continuity

Ensure superior customer experience with automation, self-service, and proactive notifications

Direct communications to the right place

Set up workflows to detect the initial interaction and then distribute to an automated service or a live person.

Automate customer service interactions

Offload the work of answering FAQ-style questions or handling basic tasks to chatbots or automated processes.

Send timely alerts and notifications

Send notifications or automated campaigns to update your audience on important business and product information.

Reduce strain on contact centers experiencing high call volumes and dispersed workforces

Feeling the pain of increased customer inquiries, dispersed workforces, and potential losses in productivity? Use Atmosphere® SmartFlows to redistribute incoming communications to other call centers based on volume or location, allow customers to contact customer service through SMS and social channels, create a chatbot to answer basic questions and FAQs online, and enable self-service options so customers can get the answers they need quickly and independently.   

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Maintain company culture and keep employees informed with notifications and automation

HR teams need a communication plan that enables your workforce to be safe and informed. With Atmosphere® CPaaS for HR you can create campaigns to automatically inform employees of policy changes, provide tips of how to stay motivated while working from home, ensure workforce collaboration with voice, SMS, and social channels, and create a chatbot or provide self-service options to answer basic questions. 

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