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Atmosphere® CPaaS for Marketing

Amplify your marketing efforts with CPaaS

Use cases with CPaaS for Marketing

Send out coupons

Increase product adoption and put a smile on your customers’ faces with a VIP discount code.

Gather feedback

Create flows that automate the survey process and use AI to understand and respond to feedback.

Analyze trends

Discover the results of the interactions you’ve having with customers to better understand where, when, and how they would like to communicate. 

Personalize interactions

Communicate with customers in their preferred method and make conversations more personal with CRM integration.

Customer success story

Missed sales opportunities because of long hold times? Not on our watch! Chamonix, a Unimed brand, used Atmosphere® to increase sales conversions on abandoned calls from 10% to 40%!
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We built a flow to connect with customers that weren’t able to speak with a live agent. So if they hung up while waiting on the queue, we would load that list into SmartFlows which would generate a callback...which really changes our profitability margins on the front end.
Shaun Dolan
Media Director at Chamonix

Increase customer engagement

Create a personalized journey for your customers with SMS, voice, social messaging, and email campaigns to increase customer engagement and build a better customer experience. 
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