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Atmosphere® CPaaS for

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 

Create the best patient experience ever


of patients say they prefer a medical provider who sends updates through emails or texts

Be the provider your patients want and need

CPaaS is the solution that gives providers everywhere a scalable and flexible platform to build upon – use only the services you need to meet the specific communication requirements of patient care management. 

Create a better patient experience

With CPaaS you can communicate with your patients through multiple channels depending on their preferred method. Deliver consistent experiences across locations with a standard greeting and options for self-service to get the help they need.

Engage patients with SMS

Adding SMS to your communications could be essential in ensuring patients are receiving the information they need to remain in good health. You can also gather patient feedback by sending out surveys post appointment. 

Healthcare use cases

Send prescription updates

Streamline the prescription process with automation and integration to your patient databases. Set up an SMS campaign so patients can refill prescriptions, receive alerts about past due medicine, and obtain information about side effects and dosage. 

Automate appointment reminders

Take some of the manual work off of your team by automating reminders, confirmations, cancellations, and reschedules through phone, text, and other channels. Your patients will appreciate the flexibility to manage appointments on their own time.

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