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Atmosphere® CPaaS for Contact Centers

Create the new customer experience with AI, automation, and analytics

Innovation without system replacement

Contact centers are one of the most critical customer-facing business functions in every organization. With increasing customer demands, new operational challenges, and rapidly advancing technology, now is the time to create the new customer experience. By layering on cloud-based features to your trusty contact center solution, you can maintain control and security while creating a competitive advantage and delivering major results to your business.

Omni-channel automation





See real results

Leveraging omni-channel automation, AI, and analytics has led to an…

increase in CSAT scores*
increase in revenue*
decrease in operational costs*

*Nemertes Research 2020

Enhance your contact center

Maintain Control and Security
Keep pace with CX innovation
Customize and scale as needed
Make more informed decisions
Optimize processes
Improve employee productivity
Handle simple tasks with bots

Use AI bots with voice, SMS, social channels, and more. Chatbots can handle simple tasks such as resetting passwords, checking order status, appointment reminders, and can escalate complex issues to live agents.

Send out customer & agent notifications

Easily send updates through multiple channels to keep agents and customers informed. Notify agents of their weekly schedule or operational changes. Let customers know of business changes, order status, and product updates.

Create self-service options

Automate processes so customers can easily take care of basic tasks on their own. Direct customers to self-service options to pay bills, check balances, buy products, and more.

Assist Agents

Enable agents to address issues more effectively by providing context around customer preferences, past purchases, and buying intentions. Combine with a bot to search through databases to help agents find company and product info.

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Real businesses, real problems solved

Automating outbound communications

A cybersecurity company needed to deliver millions of critical omni-channel notifications. We implemented our Atmosphere® CPaaS solution to deliver over 38 different automated phone calls and messages to their customers. Our solution was quick to implement, improved customer experience, and saved time spent on manual processes. 

“We rely on IntelePeer’s expertise to create automated notifications and provide us with peace of mind that critical communications are delivered. If IntelePeer can’t do it, then it can’t be done.”
Product Manager
Identity theft protection and cybersecurity provider
“We see the Atmosphere® platform as a differentiator for what we can provide to our customers. It has helped us shift from cost-savings to revenue-generating activities.”
Innovative healthcare-focused fintech provider

Enabling new business with automation

A healthcare-focused fintech provider needed to quickly deliver a new benefit program to millions of subscribers, without increasing staffing. With Atmosphere® CPaaS we implemented Cloud Routing to handle complex interactions between 6 different contact centers. This led to an increase in agent bandwidth, streamlined internal and external processes, and saved resources. 

Easy to implement and use

Atmosphere® CPaaS is easy to integrate with your existing cloud based and on-premise solutions. With Atmosphere® SmartFlows automate and implement with little to no coding. If you are short on resources, accelerate your implementation, and let us do the heavy lifting with our Managed Solutions offering.

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Top actions to reduce the strain on contact centers

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