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A Hands-On Approach to Cloud Communications

From sales engagement to custom solution design, guided deployments, and 24/7 support, our team of experts is with you every step of the way.

Customer Service Department of the Year

Our customer service team is known for providing highly personalized support, creating close relationships with customers, and helping in ways that go beyond what is expected of them. It is often because of this level of support that customers choose our company over the competition.

When customers call our Network Operations Center with an issue, there is no hold time and they immediately speak with a live engineer who is trained and knowledgeable to solve the problem. Unlike others in the industry, our agents do not follow scripts, and customers do not have to wait for a call-back or transfer to reach the person that can help them. One point that we are most proud of is that the team is willing to assist customers even if the problem they face is not related to the IntelePeer network. If the problem is unrelated to our network, our team will stay on the phone and guide the customer until the problem is resolved. 

Dedicated Account Managers

Part of the IntelePeer experience is that all customers have a dedicated account manager who works with them throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Since no customer’s situation and requirements are the same, out account managers provide personalized support to craft the solution that best meets their needs. Our account managers not only have combined decades of experience in the cloud communications industry, but many of them also have experience in our customers’ industries. Having this experience allows our account managers to have a better understanding of customers’ unique requirements. 

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