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Atmosphere® CPaaS Ancillary Fees

Below is the price list for optional services & features available to our clients through the Customer Portal, as well as other fees and surcharges that may apply based on specific situations or services ordered. If you have questions about any of the fees below call our Sales Team at +1.877.336.9171.

Atmosphere® Voice DID

Product IDDescriptionUnit
Charge TypePrice
10000002Telephone Number per Month
10000001Telephone Number Setup FeeNumberMRC$0.00
10000003Telephone Number Port FeeNumberMRC$7.50
Telephone Number Port Fee Expedited (within 48 hrs of FOC)
10000644After Hours Port FeeOrderMRC$150.00
10000070Port Cancelation FeeNumberMRC$7.50
Port Cancelation Fee-Expedited (within 48 hrs of FOC)
10000652Emergency Snap Back FeeNumberMRC$500.00
10000004Directory Listing Setup FeeNumberMRC$1.00
10000005Directory Listing per MonthNumberMRC$2.00
10000008Directory Listing per MonthNumberMRC$1.00
10000006Caller ID/Name Delivery per MonthNumberMRC$2.00
10000460Sequential Number Setup FeeOrderMRC$50.00
10000461Vanity Number Setup FeeNumberMRC$50.00

Atmosphere® Voice Outbound

Product IDDescriptionUnit
Charge TypePrice
10000030High Volume/Short Duration Surcharge per Call
CallPer Unit$0.01
10000036Outbound Toll Free – Domestic
MinutePer Unit$0.00

Atmosphere® Voice Toll Free

Product IDDescriptionUnit
Charge TypePrice
10000013Toll Free-Telephone Number per Month – IntelePeer RESPORG
10000012Telephone Number (RespOrg) Port Fee
10000076Telephone Number Setup FeeNumberNRC$1.00
10000013Toll Free-Telephone Number per Month – Customer RESPORG
10000017National Toll Free Directory Listing Setup FeeNumberNRC$20.00
10000018National Toll Free Directory Listing per MonthNumberMRC$20.00
10000071Prison Phone Surcharge-pay per MOUMinutePer UnitPass Through
10000010Payphone Surcharge per CallCallPer Unit$0.60
10000090Non Complete Surcharge per Call in excess of 10%CallPer Unit$0.05
10000077Number Administration Service Center (NASC) Forced ID Change FeeNumberNRC$40.00
10000009Vanity Number Setup FeeNumberNumber$50.00

Atmosphere® Messaging

Product IDDescriptionUnit
Charge TypePrice
10000852Messaging US Short Code SMS-MTMessagePer Unit$0.0060
10000853Messaging US Short Code SMS-MOMessagePer Unit$0.0060
10000854Messaging US Short Code Random NumberNumberMRC$1,000.00
10000855Messaging US Short Code Vanity Number
10000856Messaging US Short Code Setup
Messaging US Short Code Early TerminationNumberNRCVariable

Atmosphere® Messaging Short Code Passthrough Fees

Product IDDescriptionUnit
Charge TypePrice
10000818ATT Passthrough CAF FeeNumberNRC$0.00
10000819Sprint Passthrough CAF FeeNumberNRC$150.00
10000820T-Mobile Passthrough CAF FeeNumberNRC$500.00
10000821Verizon Passthrough CAF Fee
10000822ATT Passthrough Fee – Outbound (MT)
SMSPer Unit$0.0025
10000823Sprint Passthrough Fee – Outbound (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0050
10000824T-Mobile Passthrough Fee – Outbound (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0025
10000825Verizon Passthrough Fee – Outbound (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0025
10000826ClearSky Passthrough Fee – Outbound (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0025
10000827US Cell Passthrough Fee – Outbound (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0035
10000828Interop Passthrough Fee – Outbound (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0015
10000829]ATT Passthrough Fee – Inbound (MO)SMSPer Unit$0.0000
10000830Sprint Passthrough Fee – Inbound (MO)SMSPer Unit$0.0050
10000831T-Mobile Passthrough Fee – Inbound (MO)SMSPer Unit$0.0025
10000832Verizon Passthrough Fee – Inbound (MO)SMSPer Unit$0.0000
10000833ClearSky Passthrough Fee – Inbound (MO)SMSPer Unit$0.0025
10000834US Cell Passthrough Fee – Inbound (MO)SMSPer Unit$0.0000
10000835Interop Passthrough Fee – Inbound (MO)SMSPer Unit$0.0000

Atmosphere® Messaging Long Code Passthrough Fees

Product IDDescriptionUnit
Charge TypePrice
10002938Verizon Passthrough Fee – Outbound (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0025
10002948Sprint Passthrough Fee – Outbound (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.00015

Atmosphere® Messaging Long Code Passthrough Fees – Canada

Product IDDescriptionUnitCharge TypePrice
10002979Bell Long Code SMS Surcharge (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0085
10002980Bell Long Code SMS Surcharge (MO)SMSPer Unit$0.0085
10002981Fido Long Code SMS Surcharge (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0060
10002982Freedom Long Code SMS Surcharge (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0045
10002983Rogers Long Code SMS Surcharge (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0060
10002984Telus Long Code SMS Surcharge (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0038
10002985Videotron Long Code SMS Surcharge (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0055
10002986Virgin Long Code SMS Surcharge (MT)SMSPer Unit$0.0085
10002987Virgin Long Code SMS Surcharge (MO)SMSPer Unit$0.0085