Disaster Avoidance

Always stay up and running, even when the unexpected happens

 Disaster avoidance comes standard with the Atmosphere® Communications Platform, allowing you to be more proactive in planning for the unexpected and more agile in reacting when it occurs. 

Deploy voice redundancy at all levels

For mission-critical voice communications, disaster preparedness should be about avoidance, not recovery. Increase uptime and reduce costs with redundancy solutions for every level of your voice networks, such as secondary SIP trunks, geo-diverse data centers, and failover. 

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Instantly change how inbound calls are routed

If a natural disaster or site outage occurs, access Atmosphere® Cloud Routing from any device to view answering availability in real time and make immediate changes in routing patterns and call destinations on the fly.


Use IVR for more than just an answering service

Use Atmosphere® IVR for automated call flows, outbound service notifications, and pre-recorded messages that keep your customers informed in case of an emergency. You can also create cloud-based network capacity that can be quickly deployed during a natural disaster or site outage.


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