Customer Care & Contact Center Services

Voice Services and Applications for Contact Centers

Deliver a world-class customer experience

Whether your Contact Center needs voice enablement, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call routing capabilities, redundancy, or all of the above, Atmosphere® has you covered with cloud-based, network-level functionality

Enjoy high-quality, reliable voice calling

Atmosphere® Voice Services delivers global voice connectivity over a triple-redundant, highly-available, all-IP network. We’re certified and validated with nearly every technology vendor, making it easy to deploy voice services no matter what existing equipment you may have.


Streamline customer interactions with automated processes and intelligent call routing

Atmosphere® SmartFlows

Create customized call flows that allow your customers to get the help they need without frustration. Automate any business process to enable complete customer account management.


Cloud Routing

Seamlessly route inbound calls based on time of day, location, and more. Adjust and optimize routing patterns on the fly to ensure your customers’ calls are always answered.


Behind-the-scenes tools to help you better manage the front end

Call Recording

Record and store calls for regulatory, quality assurance, or training purposes.

Call Monitoring

Make training a little easier with the ability to listen, whisper coach, or barge in on calls.


View real-time dashboards for insights on-call traffic, location performance, and more

Ready to move beyond basic communications?