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Send and receive SMS messages through your business phone number

Ready to move beyond basic communications?

SMS for Business by Atmosphere® Messaging

A cost-effective way to implement multi-channel business communications and improve customer engagement

Accesible APIs

Full documentation and quick start guides to get you up and running quickly.


Connect to external business and communication platforms.


Keep up with changes in demand and high volumes.

Engage customers with the unmatched personalization of SMS

There are many ways to integrate SMS into businesses’ marketing and communication effort. Discover how to communicate quickly and effectively with your customers.

SMS for business has proved to be resilient despite the growth of mobile messaging applications and businesses developing their own apps. Customers don’t have to go through the trouble of downloading an app or checking emails to receive notifications and relevant information. A simple text message thread keeps communications easy to access and the ability to opt in or out at any time allows users to be in control of the messages they receive.

SMS can be used for any business for:


Promote sales and discounts with notifications or personalized coupons or vouchers.

Appointment reminders

Alerts and notifications

Human resources tool

Receive feedback surveys

Boost Customer Engagement with SMS for Business

There are many ways to integrate SMS into businesses’ marketing and communication effort. Sending highly targeted messages and improving customer engagement has never been easier. Atmosphere® Messaging allows businesses to transform phone numbers into multi-channel engagement platforms.

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