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Transform your business with Robotic Process Automation

Realize millions in new revenue and cost savings 



Take the manual out of business operations with Atmosphere® CPaaS

Improve Customer Experience

Optimize your communications strategy with customers to drive product adoption and build strong relationships.

Increase Employee Rentention

Coordinate better communications across different departments for a smoother experience for new employees.

Save Your IT Team Time

Automate processes like network notifications, customer self-service, asset management, and more.

Use Cases

Marketing and Product Management

Engage customers with automated social channel listening, product updates, and more.


Save time by allowing customers to pay bills through SMS, check balance by email, and manage their payment process online.

Sales and Account Management

Streamline the sales process and  new customer onboarding to improve customer adoption.

Customer Care

Provide self-service for customers to help solve simple issues and allow agents to focus on larger challenges.


Improve employee onboarding and benefits administration.

IT / Development

Take work off your IT team’s hands with improved network and asset monitoring.

Generate Real Results

Check out how Atmosphere® can improve your business outcomes with automated inbound responses, outbound notifications, and RPA
A typical mid-sized Enterprise
(200 Employees)

$4.8M in increased potential revenue
$700k in cost saving for IT and personnel
$1.2M increased potential for EBITDA

With a typical annual CPaaS cost of $120k

A typical large Enterprise
(2,000 Employees)

$47.6M in increased potential revenue
$7M in cost savings for IT and personnel
$11.8M increased potential for EBITDA

With a typical annual CPaaS cost of $876K



Customer success story

Chamonix, a Unimed brand, used Atmosphere® to automate processes within their call center. This lead to an increase sales conversions on abandoned calls from 10% to 40%!
We built a flow to connect with customers that weren’t able to speak with a live agent. So if they hung up while waiting on the queue, we would load that list into SmartFlows which would generate a callback...which really changes our profitability margins on the front end.
Shaun Dolan
Media Director at Chamonix

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Automate everyday business processes with Atmosphere® SmartFlows

Build seamless communications for your customer service department

Save your finance team time and improve collections processes

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