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Take control of your inbound communications

Atmosphere® Cloud Routing combines Enhanced Toll-Free with business-friendly features to create the next generation of communications management. Execute on your goals of disaster recovery, call center optimization, and follow-the-sun service while gaining access to call recording, call monitoring, activity reporting, and CRM integration – all through a single tool.

Features that let you manage down to the smallest detail

Configurable Routing

Design call routing patterns to match your demands. Choose from round robin, sequential, percent-based, or time-based patterns.


View real-time analytics to make informed decisions and know exactly how each location is performing.

Centralized Administration

Manage the call flows to all your locations from your Atmosphere®Dashboard. Change call routes at any time, instantly.

CRM Integration

Identify who callers are before you transfer to your agents by integrating with your CRM through an open API.

Toll-Free Number Manager

Easily track, rest, and re-allocate all of your phone numbers from different campaigns.

Live Monitoring and Recording

Monitor and barge into any call regardless of where it’s routed to: PBX, Contact Center, ACD, or Agent.

Ensure no call goes unanswered

Keep up with ever-changing call volumes and answerability across locations. View real-time analytics to determine which locations can handle taking more calls, then instantly change call routes to send more calls to available locations.

Always stay up and running, even when disaster strikes

No one expects a disaster to strike, but if one should, use Atmosphere® Cloud Routing to keep your operations running without skipping a beat. 

Quickly route calls from the affected call center to your other working locations to make sure no call is abandoned.

Adjust routing patterns on the fly

Access the system from any device to easily change routing patterns and adapt to business needs, natural disasters, or site outages.

Percentage Allocation

Control the volume of calls that each location receives by assigning a percentage of calls to be directed to each one.

Round Robin

Equally, distribute incoming calls by routing them to each location until one answers.


Route calls to the location that is closest to where the customer is calling from.

Random Percentage

Let the system take care of call allocation by automatically determining percentages based on availability.

Time of Day

Provide 24-hour support by routing to locations in different time zones or send calls to voicemail during after hours.


Establish call order so it always routes straight to a specific group or location before going to the next options if the first is busy.

Communications You Can Build On

Add on other Atmosphere® solutions to Cloud Routing for streamlined communications management and enhanced customer experiences backed by our highly available and redundant voice network.

Voice Services

Flexible, reliable, secure voice services with multiple calling plans and connectivity options.


Multi-Channel IVR

Create automated call and messaging  flows for customer self-service that are customized to your business.


Ready to move beyond basic communications? 

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