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The Translate action uses the IBM Watson Language Translation API to convert a piece of text from one language to another.

Source Language
This is the existing language in the piece of text being analyzed.

Target Language
This is the language you would like the text to be translated to.

For a list of available languages and the corresponding language codes, visit: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSYJ99_8.5.0/reference/supportedlanguages.html

Here you will enter the text that you would like to be translated. To detect the language of an incoming SMS, for example, select the variable assigned to the Incoming SMS block and drag it down to the Text/Message field.

The Translate action creates several variables. These variables can be used later on in a flow through the SMS, External Web Call, Dial action, or more.

The entire response from the API.

$ TRANSLATE _#.statuscode
The code that indicates the status of the API response (i.e. 200 = success, 404 = not found, 403 = forbidden).

$ TRANSLATE _#.response.languages[0].language
The language that was returned by the Detect Language API.