Atmosphere® Messaging

Send and receive SMS messages through your business phone number and Short Codes

A cost-effective, omni-channel communications solution that combines voice and messaging under one phone number. We also provide messaging options via Short Codes. Automate business processes and connect with customers through a more effective communication method.


Leverage our open APIs to easily configure your Long Codes – Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and Toll Free Numbers – and Short Codes for SMS.

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Messaging for Cisco Webex Teams

Send and receive SMS through your Webex Teams desktop or mobile client after a quick and easy set up process.

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Discover Short Codes 

Banking notifications, appointment reminders, marketing promotions, and flight alerts are just a few examples of how Short Codes can be used.

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Create more effective customer interactions 


Adding SMS across the Enterprise 

Here are just a few ways Atmosphere® Messaging can fit into your business:


Send your customers a new product alert with a discount via Short Codes


Streamline two-factor authentication (2FA) processes, appoinment reminders and balance alerts. 

Customer Service 

Save time, strategize and streamline agent and customer interactions. 


Inform customers and employees about any pressing technology issues quickly. 

Ready to move beyond basic communications?