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Atmosphere® Insights User Account Provisioning


Learn how to set up a user account to have access to Atmosphere® Insights. For initial set up, please refer to the Quick Start Guide.

Adding a user

Log into your IntelePeer account (customer.intelepeer.com)  and click on User Management in the left side bar.

Find the user you want to provide access for and click the drop down under the Actions column. Select Insights: Create User.

Once this is selected, click Go.  The following will occur:

  • An activation email will be sent to the email address assigned to that user in the portal.
    • This email will come from the domain @insights.intelepeer.com. If the user does not receive the email they should make sure the above domain is whitelisted with their provider and that they’ve checked their junk/spam email folders.
    • User activation link will expire in 7 days
  • The following Dashboards will be shared with the user:
    • Daily Call Statistics
    • Hourly Call Statistics
    • Daily Messaging Statistics
    • Hourly Messaging Statistics
    • Live Call Statistics
    •  Live Call Details
    •  Live Call Location Details
    • Live Messaging Statistics
  • Data security will be set for that user based on the user role that is set in the portal. So, if a user only has access to a specific subaccount, they will only be able to see data for that subaccount in Insights.
    • Currently, messaging dashboards only support data security at a master account level. Any user with Insights access and a user role with access to the master account will always have access to all messaging data for that master account.

Once a user has an Insights account, you will have an option to repair that user. If a user can’t view all dashboards in Insights, you can perform a repair for that user to re-provision user access for that customer. This is done by going to User Management, then selecting Insights: Repair User in the drop down under the Actions column.

Creating user roles

Navigate to User Management (left side bar). Then click on the Roles tab.

Click the Create New Role button

Within the role creation section, add a name for your role, then click on the Packages tab.

On the Packages tab you can decide which accounts this role has access to. Name field corresponds to each account name. You can add accounts by using the drop down for selection and the ‘Add to Role’ button. You can remove accounts by clicking the x on the right of the name. Remember: if a user has access to the master account the will have access to all Messaging data.

For example: