Receiving SMS Messages (V1)

Atmosphere® Messaging makes it simple to receive SMS messages through your IntelePeer phone numbers. Messages received on your IntelePeer number are delivered via HTTP Post to the destination of your choice.

Telling Atmosphere® Messaging Where to Send Inbound Messages

You can configure a destination webhook for each of your phone numbers by:

  • Setting the webhook in the Customer Portal.
  • Setting the webhook by making a call to the configuration API. Visit Provisioning Telephone Numbers to learn more.

Receiving Messages via API

When a message is received on an SMS-enabled number, Atmosphere® Messaging attempts to deliver the message to the URL you specified when configuring the number.

The message is delivered as a POST to your URL.


The following data is delivered in the body of the POST:

Parameter Data Type Description
refid string 32-character identifier of this message. This identifier can also be found in the MDR.
from string The number from which the text was sent in E.164 format. This can also be in short code format {countrycode}-{shortcode}; example: 1-1234.
to string The number to which the text was sent in E.164 format. This can also be in short code format {countrycode}-{shortcode}; example: 1-1234.
message string The contents of the text message
signature string The shared code configured in the Customer Portal. Use this code to verify the message was sent from IntelePeer.
    "refid": "ABCDEF1234567890ABCDEF1234567890",
    "from": "+7708675309",
    "to": "+13038675309",
    "message": "Hello World!",
    "signature": "SECRET CODE"

Atmosphere® Messaging expects an HTTP 200 response from your application. This response indicates that you received the message successfully.

When an HTTP 200 is not received from your application, the following will happen:

  • Atmosphere® Messaging will attempt to resend the message, up to a total of 5 attempts.
  • Each failed attempt will be reflected as a failed attempt in the SMS reporting dashboard.