Atmosphere® Multi-Channel IVR

Improve customer experience and reduce costs with automated call and messaging flows

Your customers deserve the best. With Atmosphere® IVR, you can create a multi-channel, self-service experience that makes it easier to find answers to simple questions while freeing up your agents to assist with more complex issues.

But Atmosphere® IVR is so much more than just a basic answering service – it’s so versatile you can use it to automate almost any business process and enable complete account management.

Features so powerful, they speak for themselves

Voice Recognition

Customers can speak to the IVR application naturally, in any language, making it easy and pain-free for them to get answers.

Inbound Agent Delivery

Send calls and messages from the IVR to your ACD to connect callers with agents.

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze data from inbound and outbound interactions to drive customer and product insights

Outbound Notifications

Use outbound IVR to send voice and SMS appointment reminders, announce promotions, or send emergency alerts.

CRM Integration

Integrate with your CRM to personalize prompts for known customers and send data updates.

Audio Recording

Have the ability to record calls to monitor agent performance

Need a custom solution? No problem!

With Atmosphere® IVR, you will have call flows that are completely tailored to your specifications. Unlike with other solutions, you will never have to settle for something that is one-size-fits-all. Our skilled professional services team will work with you to design and deliver IVR call flows that best meet the needs of your business and truly reflect the experience you want to provide to your customers.

Transform manual processes into time-saving automation

Atmosphere® IVR supports API and web service integrations to access the information needed to automate your business processes. Here are just a few of the countless ways you can deploy Atmosphere® IVR applications:

Auto Attendant

Implement a company directory that allows callers to select the department or person with whom they would like to speak.

After Hours Answering

Set up a voicemail or route to a third party answering service to handle calls during off-hours or holidays.

Surveys & Polls

Create surveys to gauge employee or customer satisfaction, or to collect votes or entries for a contest.

Appointment Reminders

Our direct connections to Cisco ensure network security and protect the integrity of your communications.

Communications You Can Build On

Add on other Atmosphere® solutions to IVR for streamlined communications management and enhanced customer experiences backed by our highly available and redundant voice network.

Voice Services

Flexible, reliable, secure voice services with multiple calling plans and connectivity options.


Cloud Routing

Control inbound calls across locations and adjust routing patterns in real time.


Ready to move beyond basic communications?