Atmosphere® SmartFlows

Create omni-channel communication-enabled workflows, no coding required

Build, automate, and integrate communications anywhere your business needs it. All you have to do is drag and drop!

Workflows for everyone in the business

Simple enough for non-coders to create what they need but powerful enough for developers to build advanced integrations and custom applications.

Create consistent experiences

Control communications flows so your customers have the best experience no matter which location they are talking with or how they are doing it.

Automate interactions

Make manual processes a thing of the past with  workflows that are kicked off based on internal and external actions. 

Integrate with existing solutions

Enhance current business applications such as CRM, marketing automation, contact center software, billing systems, and more!

Start building with Atmosphere® SmartFlows!


Useful Across the Enterprise

Here are just a few ways Atmosphere® SmartFlows can fit into your business:


Build integrated, omni-channel campaigns and automate customer feedback.


Streamline bill reminders and payments.

Customer Service

Optimize customer interactions by building IVR and communications flows, provide customer self-service options, and oversee field support.


Create custom applications and workflows and improve internal technology processes.

Sentiment Analysis with Atmosphere® SmartFlows

Build flows that will automate your customer interactions, improve business efficiencies, and take action based on the sentiment of a customer.

Ready to move beyond basic communications?