Atmosphere® Integrations

Create business communication harmony across the enterprise with Atmosphere® Integrations

Integrate communications into your business applications for automated processes and customized interactions. Connect all of your different communications channels into one platform for complete visibility and consistent customer experiences.

Customer Relationship Management 

Create more personalized campaigns and support experiences by pulling customer information into interactions.


Connect with customers all over the world with workflows that send and receive messages through popular messaging apps.

Social Media 

Incorporate your social media channels into workflows to enhance your brand

Trouble Ticket Management

Streamline your support processes with automated text notifications as tickets go from submitted to resolved

Integrate communications into your workflows and applications

With Atmosphere® SmartFlows you can easily build communications-enabled workflows that are integrated with your existing applications and processes. Kick off processes such as post-purchase surveys or overdue payment collection based off internal and external interactions.


Leverage built-in AI in your communications

Integrate with any AI platform or take advantage of our built-in capabilities with Atmosphere® SmartFlows. Level up your communications with embedded sentiment and tonality analysis, real-time language detection and translation, and real-time speech to text and text to speech.


Ready to move beyond basic communications?