Atmosphere® Insights

Actionable insights into all customer interactions across channels and integrated applications

A powerful combination of analytics, AI, and predictive decision-making tools to help you better understand how your customers are interacting with your business.

Capture all interactions in one place

Visual dashboards show you the full picture of your communications with real-time visibility and historical trending. 

Make data-driven decisions

Slice and dice your data with drill-down and filtering. Set up alerts based on thresholds or anomaly detection to stay on top of your KPIs.

Identify trends with AI

Dive deeper into your data with built-in natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and tonality that help take out some of the guesswork.

Combine and visualize data without needing a ton of technical expertise.


Combine with Atmosphere® SmartFlows and Atmosphere® Engage

Get advanced reporting on your campaign and workflow results to make changes on-the-fly that will improve their effectiveness and ensure customer needs are met.

Visualize and act on customer behavior across all departments

Here are just a few ways Atmosphere® Insights can fit into your business:


Monitor campaign results and customer feedback to create more effective communications and product messaging.


See location and agent sales performance to make better decisions on staffing for upcoming promotions and product launches.

Customer Service

Identify trends in customer issues and ensure they are being resolved to customers’ satisfaction.


View call volume and usage to better manage resources and detect potential issues.

Ready to move beyond basic communications?