Atmosphere® Analytics

Turn numbers and stats into improved business processes and customer interactions

View real-time metrics to quickly adapt to changes in today’s business needs and generate detailed historical reports to make more informed decisions for tomorrow. Leverage real-time call detail reports, location performance, call flows, and other reports to improve processes, reduce costs, and create a better customer experience.

Information that can be easily bubbled-up or drilled down

Visual Indicators

Use the dashboard indicators to be alerted to any potential issues, such as location answering ability

Interactive Report Viewer

Quickly find the information you need from your reports with the interactive viewer that lets you zoom in, search, and create bookmarks

Self-Service Reports

Allow all users to generate reports in the format they need. View interactive reports, data points, or clean reports that can be shared with customers

Multi-Device Accessibility

Have access to your dashboards and reports on any device so you can stay up-to-date on the go and make changes on the fly.

CRM Integration

Integrate your CRM so you can pull customer-specific information into your reports

Ready to move beyond basic communications?