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Deploy Omni-Channel Outbound Notifications

Increase engagement by 40% with Atmosphere® CPaaS



Reach your audience faster and improve the process of sending outbound blasts

Improve Customer Experience

Improve customer satisfaction by keeping them in the loop with important reminders and updates

Boost Employee Satisfaction

Boost morale and stay connected to your team by giving them up to the minute information and empower employees by giving them the ability to send outbound notifications across the enterprise.   

Enhance Engagement

Connect with customers through their preferred method, whether its voice, SMS, social or other channels.

Use Cases

Marketing and Product Management 

Send automated outbound notifications for product updates, sales events and marketing programs.  


Use SMS opt-ins to allow customers to receive invoice reminders, check account balances, and pay bills

Sales and Account Management  

Automate status updates, and product issues to reduce response times.

Customer Care

Automate re-engagement notifications for abandoned contacts for inbound sales.


Notify employees and customers of maintenance updates, weather alerts and password change reminders

IT and Development

Automate trouble tickets, maintenance notifications, and network events. 

Generate real results

Check out how Atmosphere® can improve your business outcomes with automated inbound responses, outbound notifications, and RPA.
A typical mid-sized Enterprise
(200 Employees)

$4.8M in increased potential revenue
$700k in cost saving for IT and personnel
$1.2M increased potential for EBITDA

With a typical annual CPaaS cost of $120k

A typical large Enterprise
(2,000 Employees)

$47.6M in increased potential revenue
$7M in cost savings for IT and personnel
$11.8M increased potential for EBITDA

With a typical annual CPaaS cost of $876K

Customer Success Story


Missed sales opportunities because of long hold times? Not on our watch! Chamonix, a Unimed brand, used Atmosphere® to increase sales conversions on abandoned calls from 10% to 40%!
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We built a flow to connect with customers that weren’t able to speak with a live agent. So if they hung up while waiting on the queue, we would load that list into SmartFlows which would generate a callback...which really changes our profitability margins on the front end.
Shaun Dolan
Media Director at Chamonix

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Respond to questions, surveys, and feedback with Atmosphere® SmartFlows

Listen to what your customers are trying to tell you with Atmosphere® CPaaS
Allow your customers to take control of their billing with Atmosphere® CPaaS

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