WhatsApp Onboarding Process

Enabling a Number for WhatsApp in the Atmosphere® CPaaS Portal


  1. Log into your account on the Atmosphere Portal (http://atmosphere.intelepeer.com )  
  2. Select Order a New Number from the left navigation bar 


3. From the Order New Numbers page select WhatsApp Number 


4. Enter your Brands information and add the phone numbers you wish to activate with WhatsApp. 


5. Click on the Order button. 


6. You will receive a confirmation that your request has been received. 


7. Your request will be submitted to WhatsApp for approval. Our support team will contact you once approval has been received from WhatsApp. 


Checking the Status of Your WhatsApp Number Request 


To check the status of your WhatsApp Request: 


  1. Log Into the Atmosphere Portal (Atmosphere.Intelepeer.com
  2. Click on the My Numbers Icon in the left navigation panel  


3. Expand the WhatsApp Section of My Numbers. The status of your request will be listed for each number requested.  


4. Click the Manage icon for the WhatsApp Number you wish to assign 



5. Select the deployed WhatsApp SmartFlow you wish to assign the number to and click Assign.