Understanding the Voice Services Call Report

The Voice Services Call Report is where you will find aggregate information on your phone numbers across DID, Termination, and Toll-Free calling. Currently, the Voice Services Call Report is only available to Professional and Enterprise Atmosphere® CPaaS customers.  

Getting Started 

To run the report, select the type of call (Termination, DID, Toll-Free) in the Product filterThen, click the Run button near the top right side of the page.  

For more information on how to use filters in Atmosphere® Insights, visit the How to Filter Your Data page.  

Report Metrics 

    • Phone Number  Your phone number associated with IntelePeer, grouped by the aggregate information in the report. For inbound call products (DID and Toll-Free), the inbound dialed phone number appears in the report. For outbound call products (Termination), the outbound ANI terminating the call appears in the report.  
    • Product  The product associated with the specific phone number and call type in the report.  
    • Total Incomplete Calls – The sum of the calls in which the calling and called party did not connect associated with a specific phone number in the report.  
    • Total Completed Calls – The sum of the calls connected between the calling and called party associated with a specific phone number in the report.  
    • Total Attempted Calls  The sum of the Total Incomplete Calls plus Total Completed Calls associated with a specific phone number in the report 
    • Answer Ratio  The ratio of Total Completed Calls to Total Attempted Calls, as a percentage.  
    • Average Duration of Call  The Total Call Duration divided by Total Completed Calls, in minutes, associated with the specific phone number in the report 
    • Total Call Duration  The sum of the minutes associated with the specific phone number in the report.