Understanding the Voice Services Call Report

The Voice Services Call Report is where you will find aggregate information on your phone numbers across DID, Termination, and Toll-Free calling. Currently, the Voice Services Call Report is only available to Professional and Enterprise Atmosphere® CPaaS customers.  

Getting Started 

To run the report, select the appropriate filters then click the Run button near the top right side of the page.  


Note: In the Product filter Termination, DID, and Toll-Free are all included by default. You can remove one or two products to narrow the report, but at least one product must be selected to run the report.


For more information on how to use filters in Atmosphere® Insights, visit the How to Filter Your Data page.  

Report Metrics 

    • Phone Number  Your phone number associated with IntelePeer, grouped by the aggregate information in the report. For inbound call products (DID and Toll-Free), the inbound dialed phone number appears in the report. For outbound call products (Termination), the outbound ANI terminating the call appears in the report.  
    • Product  The product associated with the specific phone number and call type in the report.  
    • Total Incomplete Calls – The sum of the calls in which the calling and called party did not connect associated with a specific phone number in the report.  
    • Total Completed Calls – The sum of the calls connected between the calling and called party associated with a specific phone number in the report.  
    • Total Attempted Calls  The sum of the Total Incomplete Calls plus Total Completed Calls associated with a specific phone number in the report 
    • Answer Ratio  The ratio of Total Completed Calls to Total Attempted Calls, as a percentage.  
    • Average Duration of Call  The Total Call Duration divided by Total Completed Calls, in minutes, associated with the specific phone number in the report 
    • Total Call Duration  The sum of the minutes associated with the specific phone number in the report.