Understanding the SmartFlows Dropout Location Report

The SmartFlows Dropout Location Report is where you will find information about the most frequent dropout locations within selected flows. Dropout locations represent where in the SmartFlow your customers end the interaction (e.g., when a caller hangs up or your customer exits a messaging session)This report can be used to troubleshoot any potential flow issues causing your customers to frequently end their interaction early, before reaching the expected flow termination point. Currently, the SmartFlows Dropout Location Report is only available to IntelePeer customers with Professional and Enterprise packages. 

Getting Started 

To run the report, select the appropriate filters then click the Run button near the top right side of the page.  

Note: At least one Flow Name must be added to run the report.

For more information on how to use filters in Atmosphere® Insights, visit the How to Filter Your Data page.  

Report Metrics 

  • Total Flow Executions: Total unique flow sessions for selected flows. 
  • Average Actions Per Flow: The number of actions performed until your customers end the interaction, averaged across flow executions. 
  • Most Common Dropout Location: The SmartFlow action corresponding to when your customers most frequently end their interaction. 
  • Flow Dropout Location: Where in the flow(s) your customers end the interaction. This is limited to the top 25 most frequent dropout locations.