Understanding the SmartFlows Dashboard

The SmartFlows Dashboard is where you will find information on how your SmartFlows are performing and how people are interacting with them. This dashboard is comprised of 11 widgets. A widget is an object in the viewing area that displays a chart, KPI, table, etc. Below you will find sample pictures of the dashboard with numbers associated to each visualization, and a corresponding description.

    1. Active Flows – KPI reporting the number of active flows over the time frame selected. Active flow is defined as a flow that generated a session over the given time frame.
    2. Flow Executions – Count of the total number of unique flow executions (sessions) over the chosen time frame.
    3. Average Number of Actions per Flow – This KPI reports the average number of actions that were performed across all the flow executions in the chosen time frame.
    4. Average Flow Duration – The average time execution time of all flows over the chosen time frame. Execution time is defined as the elapsed time in minutes from the initial flow trigger to the exit event.
    5. Flow Executions & Average Duration by Day – Total flow executions and duration by day. 
    6. Executions by Name – Displays all customer flows with a count of total executions by flow over the chosen time frame.

7. Call Event Breakdown – Represents a percentage breakdown of the different call events (Inbound Call, Transfer, Outbound Dial. This helps you understand why flow durations may be higher than expected.

8. Call Event Types by Day and Average Call Duration – Chart that shows flow executions by call event action type and date over the chosen time frame.

9. Top Ten Trigger Numbers – Shows the top ten numbers that triggered a SmartFlow based on total count of flow executions. Also shows the flow name, execution count, and average duration. Does not include API calls.

10. Top Ten Transfer To Numbers – Shows the top ten numbers that had a transfer action by a count of flow executions. Also shows the flow name, execution count, and average duration

How often does my data refresh?

SmartFlows Dashboard – Every time a user accesses the dashboard the data will be refreshed. The only thing to note here is that records within our database are batch loaded on a 5-8 minute schedule. This means that if you refresh a dashboard at 8AM the data you will be looking at is current up to 7:52.

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