Set up Food Delivery Tracking, and Improve Communication with Customers using Automated SMS

Countless businesses have turned over to delivery & take-out only since our recent pandemic. Many restaurants are now offering food delivery but are struggling with communication with their customers. Many customers would like to: 


  • Know the status of an order 
  • Be able to select substitutes if needed 
  • Know the ETA of the order 
  • Choose contactless delivery 
  • Provide feedback back to the restaurant 


Restaurants can use Atmosphere® SMS for order notifications, delivery alerts, payment confirmations and enable a 2-way communication between the restaurant and the customers. 


Easily take an order, alert the customer that their food is being prepped, and keep them informed about their delivery progress. Afterwards, collect customer feedback and allow them to sign up for your promotions. 


Restaurants save time by creating flows to automate and streamline communications between restaurant dispatch, drivers and consumers via Atmosphere® SMS. Track your order and stay notified of any updates or changes. 

How it works

By utilizing an Outbound flow, the Restaurant is able to communicate updates and send notifications to the customer: 

  • Customer completes online order and submits a phone number to stay notified on delivery 
  • Customer gets a confirmation that their order is received and is being prepared 
  • Customer gets a notification that their food is out for delivery 
  • Customer has an option to text back keyword “CONTACTLESS”, in case they want their food to just be left outside of their door 
  • Customer gets a confirmation when their food was delivered and is asked to text back with “YES” as confirmation or “NO” if there was an issue 
  • Customer is able to provide feedback by texting back  


By utilizing an inbound flow, the restaurant is able to receive customer feedback and contact the customer if needed: 


  • Customer can request contactless delivery 
  • Customer can acknowledge they have received the order 
  • The Restaurant can then provide a survey to the customer, or offer them to receive promotions in the future 
  • Customer can provide feedback or request a call from the Restaurant 
  • The Restaurant can then use Atmosphere® platform to initiate a call to the customer 


Some of the benefits of utilizing Atmosphere® SMS platform are: 
  • Easier communication between the customer and the Restaurant 
  • Added flexibility with order changes 
  • Accurate order status 
  • Flexibility to communicate over multiple channels (SMS, Voice etc.)