Set up a Multilingual SMS Bot and Improve Communication with Customers using 2-way SMS

Customer care has become an integral part of running a business. Your customers expect to contact your business on multiple channels, get quick and accurate responses, and have an option of communicating in multiple languages. Many businesses are looking to provide an automatic system to handle the initial requests before handing customers over to a live agent. The automatic system should include the following features:


  • Provide a list of pre-set responses to FAQs
  • Implement a translation service for inbound messages and outbound messages.
  • Have an option of switching the conversation to a live agent


You can use Atmosphere® SMS and leverage our integration with IBM Watson Assistant to create a bot that would fulfill these requirements and enhance communication for your customers.


With Atmosphere® CPaaS, you can build automated inbound and outbound workflows to improve the customer experience and connect with your customers on SMS, one of the most preferred methods of communication. Plus, with self-automated service options for basic inquiries, you can improve productivity by letting your employees focus on more complex issues

How it works

By utilizing Atmosphere® SmartFlows, you can create a 2-way flow that will provide a seamless bot interaction, as well as automatically translate both inbound & outbound messages:

Customer can text various questions and requests in various languages, for example “what are your hours of operation?” in English or “Puedo hablar con un agente” in Spanish


  • The flow will then detect the language used in the inbound text:

– If English was used, it will be sent directly to the bot for processing

– If any other language was used it will be translated to English and then sent to the bot for processing


  • IBM Watson Assistant will provide a response to the original request

– If the original request was in English, the response will be sent to the customer

– If the original request wasn’t in English, the response will automatically get translated back into the original language before being sent to the customer


  • If the customer requests to talk to an agent, the conversation can be transferred from SMS over to voice


IBM Watson Assistants also offer a no-code User Interface where a user can create a bot or use one of the offered templates to get started.

Get started with your own SMS bot by checking out this page. Our Managed Solutions team is also here to help with configuration