Retrieve Contact Details

Use id to get details on a particular contact in Engage.

Endpoint and Methods
  • GET /_rest/v2/contacts

Sample Request

GET /_rest/v2/contacts?id=5d64162a38994c2dcf879846

Response code 200 returns a contact.


“phone”: “1231231234”,

“metadata”: {

 “firstname”: “Abby”,

 “lastname”: “Normal”,

 “email”: “”,

 “Phone”: “1231231234”


“deleteFlag”: false,

“createdDate”: “2019-08-26T17:26:02,755Z”,

“createdBy”: “Wknows”,

“customerID”: “9999999”,

“modifiedDate”: “2019-08-26T17:26:02,755Z”,

“modifiedBy”: “Wknows”


Response code 401 returns an error that the authorization token is invalid.

"message": "string",
"status": 401

Response code 404 returns a message that the contact Id is wrong and the contact is not found.

Response code 500 returns an error when trying to retrieve contact details.

  "message": "Something went wrong when trying to get campaign details",
  "status": 500