October 3, 2019

  • The From number on the Dial action is now required.
  • External API Webcall now sends the properly encoded request to SmartFlows so that calls are executed properly.
  • Internal optimization that changes when text-to-speech audio files are generated to decrease number of API calls and processing time in live audio calls. After this change, audio will be generated at the time the flow is saved rather than live during the call. Important note: TTS audio that contains variables will still be generated in real-time since the given text will change with each flow execution. However, static text will be generated and stored ahead of time, reducing or eliminating dead air in TTS.
  • Enhancement to the external web call that enables the user to make a test call with the provided API configuration to preview the response from the external API.
  • Amazon Polly was added as a third provider for generating text-to-speech.
  • Users can now preview audio files in both the audio library and the audio file selector.
  • Added pagination to the audio library page to reduce scrolling and clutter on the page.
  • Added searching capability to the audio library page and the audio file selector in the audio actions to enable users to easily locate the clip they are looking for.
  • Usability improvements to the audio configuration on audio actions.


Bug Fixes
  • We fixed a bug that caused speech recognition to fail after a DTMF action if a digit was pressed instead of speech.
  • We fixed a bug that caused an unexpected error to be thrown when a flow is saved without a voice rather than a data validation.
  • Users will no longer see an error when attempting to save a flow after assigning multiple flows to be assigned the same WhatsApp ID.
  • Variable will now be sent when used in the from or to fields on a Transfer action.
  • Users will now see the correct response sent from the SmartFlows API when an authentication error is present (SmartFlows functions correctly and sends 200 ok vs. expected behavior of failing and sending a 401).
  • We fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting a template that they created.
  • Users that do not own a flow will no longer be able to make changes on a flow unless they are the owner of that flow.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented menu tree audio from playing when used in tandem with DTMF audio.
  • Users will no longer see an error when a WhatsApp flow is cloned.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented SMS from sending correctly following an external web call.
  • Improved the display and readability of the template library.
  • Users can now upload either .jpg or .jpeg when image/jpeg is selected as Media Type on the WhatsApp action.
  • Users will no longer be prevented from viewing all the clips available in the audio library window.
  • We fixed a bug that copied a WhatsApp ID into the new flow when closing a WhatsApp flow.
  • We fixed a bug that copied query text into the name field of the external web call response variables section.
  • Added a validation to prevent a user from connecting an object to itself, resulting in an infinite loop.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented a phone number in a list from being fully displayed in the space available in the list column.