November 7, 2019

  • A new feature allows customers to route calls based on percentages (ex. 50 percent of calls take one path and 50 percent take another). Up to 10 percentage splits are allowed and percentages must sum to 100.
  • Customers can now route calls based on the region or time zone of the ANI using configured regions, area codes, and time zones. A default path is included to be used in case the incoming number does not match a configured region or time zone.
  • We thought the exclamation points made some of our data validations a little too aggressive, so we removed them!
  • We added an alert to warn a user when deleting a flow that has a number assigned to it to help prevent disruption to live flows.
Bug Fix
  • We fixed a bug that resulted in a space character being placed in front of variables into the input action on the Specify From # field when drag-and-drop was used for variable input, resulting in breaking the flow.
  • We fixed a behavior that caused text-to-speech sections to be added when clicking the top border of the audio configuration window, causing TTS to be added prematurely in some cases.
  • Some special characters caused external web calls to fail. This has been fixed.
  • Menu Tree no longer experiences significant delays between audio entries on the Intro on subsequent attempts.
  • We fixed an issue where the ‘template’ option in flow creation was partially hidden when there are no flows in the flow management page.
  • An unexpected JSON error would sometimes occur when the deploy button is accidentally clicked twice. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue with a date mismatch in switch with a current date system variable.
  • The issue that caused a flow to stop if a Record Response action is used after a DTMF has been corrected.
  • We fixed a bug that sometimes caused DTMF actions to not pass values to Regex actions.
  • Multiple bugs related to actions following the ‘On Hangup’ path on the transfer action resulting in actions and/or flows failing have been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue where TTS vendors and voices were misaligned, causing incorrect values to appear in the voice dropdown.
  • We fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in the incorrect variable being set when using the Set Variable action.