May 30, 2019

  • The new Campaign trigger is purpose-built to work with Atmosphere(R) Engage. It will provide better synergy with other applications.
  • A search box is now available in the flow assignment modal.
  • Users can now assign a time zone to a flow from the flow configuration screen. This time zone supports the Day of Week action and date/time system variables.
  • New validation has been added to prevent a user from being able to save and deploy a flow that has a Play Audio action that is not connected to anything; there is now a validation and error message.
  • User can now specify a language for the Speech Recognition action so that other languages can be transcribed. English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese are available.
  • Dial and Transfer action both now pass the X-SID header.
  • Users can now configure their speech recognition action to use Google APIs for transcription and sentiment.
  • Users can now configure their sentiment action to use Google API.
  • Users can now configure text-to-speech in audio features to use Google API.
  • Users can now set a custom UUI header.


Bug Fixes
  • When a Switch path is deleted, the associated path and connector will be removed to fix a UI issue.
  • When variables were created using the inbound API, system variables would no longer appear in the available variables section in other actions; this bug has been fixed.
  • Previously, when a user clicked on the port but didn’t drag a connector, a ‘tail’ arrow appeared. This bug has been fixed.
  • Some flows that included the Day of Week action with all of the paths connected resulted in a deployment error.
  • Users can no longer deploy flows that do not have a trigger.
  • If the name of a flow is changed, that is now also reflected on the Number Assignments page.
  • Deleting a row on the name/value pairs section of External Web Call no longer deletes the top item.
  • Drag and drop variables can no longer be added to the audio clip section of Introductory Audio.
  • New counter action that simply increments or decrements the counter variable by a user-configured quantity (i.e. increase by 1, decrease by 3, etc.).
  • We fixed a bug that resulted in available variables not being presented on the Watson Detect Language, Translate, and Assistant actions.
  • Previously the DTMF default termination was set to # and disabled; users can now specify the termination key on the DTMF.
  • There is no longer a system error for portalops users returning to the IntelePeer portal.
  • Users are now prevented from creating multiple variables with the same name.
  • We fixed a bug where a user would receive 3 of the same text messages from one SMS action.
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally if a number was assigned/unassigned repeatedly, it could no longer be assigned to a flow.