May 15, 2020

  • Delete method in External Web Call: a user can configure a PATCH and a DELETE API call (to make partial changes to a record or delete a record, respectively) to an external web service. See documentation.
  • Flow delete warning: Adds clearer language on flow delete action to prevent accidental deletions.
  • Facebook actions available in voice portal: Facebook actions are available to all users of SmartFlows, since all customers will have access to purchase and set up social integrations starting with this release.
  • Prevent DTMF input from being stored: Creates default behavior of not storing DTMF inputs in application detail records (stored in our data warehouse and Insights) for compliance purposes. Customer can override this option with a checkbox on the UI. See documentation.
  • Sentiment and tonality options in Speech Recognition: Allows the user to select whether to perform sentiment or tonality within Speech Recognition so that they have the ability to avoid being charged for these API calls. See documentation.
  • Audio file sync between US an EU: Ensures audio files are available in both US and EU environments.
  • Copy template pop-up: Copy edit to the popup on template selection.
  • Delivery receipt option: Provides a checkbox for the user to indicate that an SMS should request a delivery receipt.
  • Only CPaaS-enabled numbers shown: Customers in the voice portal with non-CPaaS enabled numbers will no longer see or be able to use those numbers within SmartFlows until they are CPaaS-enabled. See documentation.
  • Add the Action ID: The user will have a reference for how the action is identified in Insights. See documentation.
New Features
    • New WhatsApp Variables: Users can now access the WhatsApp identifiers (appId & appUserId) required to reply to WhatsApp messages. Users can now reply to WhatsApp messages as part of the current SmartFlow or as part of a subsequent flow. Additional Information
    • WhatsApp – Send Message Action: Two new parameters (appID & appUserId) have been added to enable asynchronous messaging between your business and a WhatsApp user.  You can now respond to a WhatsApp message without having to use a WhatsApp trigger, unlocking use cases for integrating WhatsApp into other channels used in a business. Additional Information
Bug Fixes
    • Max Retry Audio not playing: Fixes a bug where the audio was not playing on max retries in Menu Tree.
    • TEST button returns no response from External Web Call: Fixes a bug with the Test HTTP Request in External Web Call.
    • ‘exceptions.NameError’ in Speech Recognition: Fixes a bug with an unexpected ‘exceptions.NameError’ message when using the Speech Recognition.
    • Token error when deploying with DNN: Fixes a bug that resulted in an unexpected token error when deploying a flow with a DNN voice.
    • The last flow tab in SmartFlows can’t close: Fixes a bug where the last open flow tab on the SmartFlows canvas cannot be closed.
    • TTS failure to play: Fixes an issue with text-to-speech in transfer, record, and DTMF actions where TTS was failing.
  • We fixed an accessibility issue where some icons in the Atmosphere Portal were missing hover text.