April 18, 2019

  • The new Set Variable action allows a user to set a new variable of their choice, either a literal value or a reassignment of another variable to a custom name.
  • Enhancements have been made to improve the audio selection functionality within Play Audio, Menu Tree, and Transfer including: the ability to play TTS clips, automatically adds text, can add audio to multiple audio sections, pick and choose which pass to play audio, change the sequence of audio without having to delete and re-add.
  • Multiple system-generated variables are now available for use. They appear in the ‘Available Variables’ section.
  • Users implementing the external web call action can now parse a retrieved XML response into variables. More detailed documentation on process to follow.
  • Parallel paths (i.e. two divergent paths from one action) are not supported in SmartFlows, but there was no UI guidance or feedback for the user to prevent this mistake. This has been corrected.
  • Certain paths from the Transfer action are incompatible with certain actions. We have implemented a validation to prevent the user from making configurations that aren’t supported.
  • Simplified process of searching for a phone number in number assignment. Now, a user can search for any four-digit sequence within a number rather than having to type the desired number from the beginning.
  • Switch and condition actions can now check whether an integer variable is between two integers. Can be used with system variables to implement basic time of day routing.
  • There is a new Day of the Week action that allows for different routing based on the time of day.
Bug Fixes
  • Removed recording options on the Dial verb as they are non-functional and will lead to a confusing user experience. To record a response from an outbound-dialed party, the ‘Record Response’ action should be used.
  • When an audio file is uploaded, only characters within the ASCII character set are accepted in audio file names. This fix introduces a validation that guides the user to upload a file with the corrected file name.
  • We fixed an issue in multiple places where users could not view bottom of screen content without resizing the browser as the content was not respecting browser boundaries.
  • We fixed an issue where SMS was sometimes sending duplicate messages.
  • A small fix removes a confusing experience that often led to the user removing the wrong response variable in External Web Call.
  • We fixed a bug where at times the Menu Tree was not allowing enough time after playing intro audio for user to make a selection.
  • Column widths in the number assignment screen have been reformatted.