May 29, 2020


There is now a message about the soft launch to help customers get set up in the Atmosphere® Portal, a process that comprises two simple steps.


  • Click the tab called ‘Atmosphere Upgrade’ and click ‘Sync Account’ on that page; this creates an Atmosphere® Portal account for the logged-in user with one click, allowing you to navigate back and forth seamlessly



  • Expand the top-right account dropdown and select ‘Go to Atmosphere’.



  • Similarly, the Atmosphere® Portal also has an option in the dropdown labeled ‘Go to Voice Portal’.



We cleaned up some of the copy in the number tables on the Home package (removed SmartFlows assignment information, as it was confusing and not useful; it now just shows whether a number is CPaaS-enabled, which can be toggled on/off from the Atmosphere® Portal, or can still be done using the ‘Manage’ à ’Add SmartFlows’ steps). CPaaS enablement just means that a number is provisioned for CPaaS and that our network will route incoming interactions with that number to SmartFlows.

    • Note that a number can be both CPaaS-enabled and part of a SIP package. This just means that if the router sees that the call is coming from the PSTN, it will route to CPaaS first; if, on a transfer, the router sees that the call is coming from CPaaS, it knows to follow the SIP routing that is configured in the SIP package.



We added flow-level assignment information to the Atmosphere® Portal for better at-a-glance viewing of number configurations.


We added CPaaS-enablement toggle on/off in the Atmosphere® Portal.


We added a filter checkbox to allow user to show only CPaaS-enabled numbers in the Atmosphere® Portal number management screen.



The SmartFlows Number Assignment page is visible in the Atmosphere® Portal.


The Number assignment page now only shows CPaaS-enabled numbers.



Atmosphere® Insights also received an update. Check out the release notes here.