Percent Routing

The Percent Routing action can be used to divide the flow of incoming flow executions into two or more directions based on the configured percentages.


This could help to divide the flow of incoming calls between two call centers; another example use case is A/B testing – use the Percent Routing action after the Inbound Call trigger and configure it to allocate 50 percent of flow executions down one path and 50 percent down the other, like this:



Percent Routing works by allowing you to set one or more percentages and allocating the remaining percentages to the ‘Default’ path. It will not allow you to configure an allocation that does not add up to 100. You can edit any percentage by clicking the blue edit icon next to the rule, and you can delete by clicking the trash icon next to the rule. This will return the allocation to a default of 100, which is functionally the same as if there were no percent routing.