November 19, 2020

Atmosphere® Portal ( 
  • You can now use and manage US-based Toll-Free numbers in the Atmosphere® Portal. 
  • Starter customers can now order new phone numbers or messaging resources by clicking the corresponding Add New buttons on the My Numbers page. 
  • You can now Pause a campaign in Active or Scheduled status. An Active campaign will immediately stop running and a Scheduled campaign will not be deployed on the scheduled start date/time. Once you are ready to continue with a paused campaign, click Resume Campaign on the Campaigns page.
  • The Number of Retries and Retry Interval fields are now available for Custom campaigns. Previously, retries were only available for voice campaigns. 
  • When an outbound voice campaign reaches a recipient’s voicemail, it is considered a successful interaction, and as a result, will not trigger retry functionality for that recipient. 
  • When creating a List via API, you can now detect recipient time zones based on area code number to ensure the campaign is deployed at the appropriate local time. 
  • Trial customers can only upload a single contact and use their Authorized Trial Number within Engage. If another phone number is entered, it will automatically be replaced with the Authorized Trial Number. 
  • The SmartFlows Dropout Location Report is now available for Professional and Enterprise customers. This report highlights the most frequent dropout locations and corresponding actions within selected flows.

Note: At least one Flow Name must be added in the Filters section to run the report. 

  • You can now filter the SmartFlows and SmartFlows Messaging Dashboards by Flow Name. 
  • The Messaging Dashboard was updated to provide greater transparency into messaging totals and sent/received averages. Enhancements include: 
  • Average Message Size widget was replaced with a new Total Messages widget 
  • Average Message Sent Size added to Messages Sent widget 
  • Average Message Received added to Messages Received widget  
  • Updated Message Sent/Received & Average Message Size by Day chart widget 
  • Updated Messages Sent and Received & Average Message Size by Weekday chart widget 
  • A zero Percent Value can now be added for the Percent Routing action allocation. 
  • Starter customers can now use variables and international numbers in the TO number field for the Send SMS, Dial, and Transfer actions.