Menu Tree

The Menu Tree action streamlines the process of building an IVR menu through one block.


Termination Key
This is the key the user can select to bypass the menu. It is currently set at #.


The length of time (in seconds) you’ll give the user to speak or enter a valid option before terminating.


Max Retries
The number of times you will allow a user to enter a valid entry before being directed to the ERR path that you’ve created in your flow. The number set in max retries drives the number of ‘passes’ that must be assigned audio (see below).


Channel ID
Choose which channel you would like audio to be played on.


Audio Library
Here you will see audio files that you’ve uploaded to the Audio Library. You can drag and drop these files down to the section that corresponds with when you would like the audio to play: Introductory Audio, Timeout Audio, Invalid Entry Audio, Max Retry Audio.


Select Audio Type
Select when you would like your text-to-speech audio to play.


Voice Selection
Select the voice that will vocalize the text you enter for text-to-speech.


The number of passes correlates to the number of retries set. If you configure Menu Tree to allow for 3 retries, you’ll need to assign 3 separate audio to play for each attempt. For example, below you’ll see two clips of text-to-speech. The first clip is being assigned to the first two passes through the Menu Tree. The second clip of audio is being assigned to the third pass through the Menu Tree.


Introductory Audio
This audio plays as soon as the menu starts.


Timeout Audio
This audio will play if a user does not put in an answer in the time you’ve allotted.


Invalid Entry Audio
This audio will play if a user enters an invalid key.


Max Retry Audio
This audio will play if a user enters the maximum number of invalid entries.