Jump To & Jump From

Jump To and Jump From act like an additional trigger on a flow used to connect flows together. Flows can sometimes become very complex, so Jump To and Jump From help users break their large flows into smaller, simpler pieces. Parts of a flow can also sometimes be used in multiple flows. With Jump To and Jump From, those pieces can be created in a single flow and embedded into multiple flows.


Note: Preview mode means we’re still working on these (and taking feedback!) and we might change how they work later on. Let us know what you think!


The Jump To action is used to connect a source flow to a new flow. Drag the Jump To action onto the board at the point where you want the source flow to move into the new flow. In the below example, the flow will send a voice caller into the new flow after a 1 is pressed in the Menu Tree.

Connect to a Destination Flow

The link in the configuration panel contains a list of all flows containing one or more Jump From actions (i.e. destination flows). If you have already created your destination flow, it will appear in this list.

Note that a flow can contain more than one Jump From action. To connect the flow correctly, ensure you select the one with the appropriate number identifier. For example, Flow_2 below has a Jump From action at block #5. Connecting this Jump To flow to that destination will kick off the flow at block #5.


Sending Variables through a Jump To Action

You can also choose which variables to pass from one flow to the other. This step must be done if using variables from a source flow in a destination flow. To add variables, click the plus sign button in the Send Variables section to create a new entry. Create a name for the variable in the input box on the left. In the right input box, add the name of the variable to be sent. Ensure that it is in the proper format (i.e. dollar sign, capitalization, period, checked for spelling errors).


Creating the Destination Flow

The Jump From action acts like an additional trigger on a flow and can be added to a flow at multiple points. This ensures that a flow can be used as a Jump From — i.e. a sub-flow from some other source flow — or independently. This might be used to create voice menus that are both callable by their own number or within a larger company IVR.

To use Jump From, drag the action onto the board at the point where the flow should pick up from the source flow. For example, the flow below can be triggered both by an inbound call and by a jump from another flow:


Receiving Variables through the Jump From Action

If you want to collect variables from the source flow, you’ll need to specify them in the configuration for the action. For example, in the Jump To flow we created above, we created a variable called ‘$DNIS’ and mapped it too ‘DNIS’. In this flow, we’ll add that variable as an expected input like this:

When you save and deploy the Jump To flow, it will be available to connect in the Jump From action in the source flow. Refer back to the section titled Connect to a Destination Flow to review these steps.



In this example, the flow logic prior to the Jump To action confirms the caller has requested to speak Spanish. The Jump To then sends the caller to another flow, and captures specific variables for use in that Spanish flow.