March 7, 2020

  • Updated default week start date to Monday
  • Added last refresh time to dashboards. Now you can see when the data was last refreshed.
    • Important note: For the Voice Services dashboard between 8AM and 8PM EST, data is only refreshed every hour. (i.e. if I access the voice dashboard at 9:15 AM, I will see all completed call records that occurred at or before 9AM).
  • Added flexibility to filtering. Customers can now select different date ranges up to 60 days at a time. Data available is last 60 days for Voice Services and up to 3 years for Messaging and SmartFlows
  • Added Call Location in the voice services Dashboard
    • Now customers can see where calls originated from in the US-based on the Dialed State.
  • Updated the Voice Services call type to provide a higher level of granularity.
  • Updated the drill details in all dashboards to reflect consistent data for each drill.