S3 Setup

These reports – as well as recordings and other files – can be accessed on IntelePeer’s cloud storage. Follow this tutorial steps to generate a private/public key pair and configure access.

Secure FTP access requires we use private key when accessing the storage. These steps use the Filezilla client for authentication and access. You can download FileZilla from https://filezilla-project.org/download.php

Setting up SFTP access:
  1. Login into Atmosphere’s Portal and navigate to your profile.

2.  Click on “Generate Key” to generate a key pair.

3.  Pop up should present you with a private key. Please Store this key in a secure location with a .ppk file extension. Access key is available only at the time you create it. If you lose your access key, you must create a new one.

4.  Make a note of the SFTP URL and UserName returned under the SFTP Credentials section, we will need it later for FileZilla setup.

5.  Download FileZilla client, click on File > Manage Site

6.  Protocol: SFTP

7.  Host: (the SFTP URL from step 4)

8.  Logon Type: Key File

9.  User: (the User Name obtained from step 4)

10.  Key File: Click Browse and select location of the private key from step 3

11.  Click Connect