Important Information About Message Status

Since the wide acceptance of text messaging, many of us take the technology for granted as we use texting every day to communicate with businesses, our friends, and our loved ones. As the use, credibility, and power of text messaging grows, there are important concepts to understand. To prevent abuse and keep business messaging safe and useful for everyone, mobile providers place strict restrictions and guidelines on the use of their networks. This means that when a customer uses our platform to send messages, there could be instances when IntelePeer sent that message on, but its delivery was impeded by these restrictions. In order to measure delivery to an end device (i.e. cell phone), delivery receipts can be requested from the mobile operator.

How does this pertain to data in Insights?

Let’s start with how message status is defined on the Atmosphere® platform.

Message Status in the Messaging Dashboard is defined as the final Atmosphere® platform processing status of a message. A message with ‘Sent’ status indicates that it was processed by our platform and either sent on to the destination carrier or to you (our customer) in the case of an inbound message. A message with the status ‘Attempt’ indicates that the message was not processed by our platform due to some error that occurred during an attempt to send an inbound or outbound message.

Messaging errors reported in the case of an outbound message only indicate that the message was not processed or sent on to the destination carrier. In the case of an inbound error, our platform received the message but was not able to deliver to you (the customer), usually due to a misconfiguration of an inbound webhook.

Important note: An outbound message that was successfully processed by the Atmosphere® platform and the mobile provider may still encounter an issue before final delivery to an end device (i.e. mobile provider spam filtering).