IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant is an AI-powered chatbot that allows you to integrate a conversational
interface into your flow.


Note: You must have an IBM cloud account with Assistant enabled in order to use it with SmartFlows.


Go here to build flows using Watson Assistant.

Assistant Credentials
  • Sign in to Assistant using your IBM credentials. These are found in the API details of the configured Watson Assistant.


Assistant URL
  • Enter the Assistant URL found in the API details.


WorkSpace ID
  • Enter your ID which can be found in the API details of the Assistant Skill associated with the configured Watson Assistant.

  1. Type the message to send to the user.
  2. To use Assistant for an incoming SMS, for example, select the variable assigned to the Incoming SMS block and drag it to the Text/Message field.


The Watson Assistant action creates several variables. Use them later in a flow through the SMS, External Web Call, Dial action, or more.


  1. $WATSONASSIST_#.responsebody
    Entire response from the Watson Assistant.
  2. $WATSONASSIST _#.statuscode
    Code that indicates the status of the API response (i.e. 200 = success, 404 = not found, 403 = forbidden).
  3. $WATSONASSIST -#.response.output.text[0]
    Response returned by Watson Assistant.