How to set up Group Message Scheduling


Using Group Message Scheduling functionality user can schedule sms for multiple campaign members to send at a particular time.This allows a user to create campaign related messages when time is available during the course of their day.This also allows messages to be received by the campaign members at the same time at a more appropriate time of a day.

1. Select the Campaign members for whom you want to create schedule record.
2. Click on ‘Schedule a message’ button to schedule a message.
3. After a message is scheduled it should be displayed in the ‘Scheduled Messages’ related record.

Enter date and time to send the message in that particular time and date. Choose the action and Enter the message body and hit ‘Schedule’ button to schedule a message.


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Schedule a Message

Select all the recipients, then click on the ‘Schedule a Message’ button’. Enter Date,Time,Message body and choose an action and click on ‘Schedule’ to schedule a message.

Enter the input Values.

After clicking on the ‘Schedule’ button a record gets created on Schedule Message object with the received values.After the scheduling time a record will be created on SMS Storage object with the values received and message will be displayed on the chat window.

After the schedule date and time message was visible on the chat windows and a record got created on the SMS Storage object with the received values.

SMS Status

When an sms is sent from Salesforce to the SmartFlows the recordId of the newly created message record is getting delivered with the message details to the SmartFlows. The SmartFlows then sends the message to the Phone Number. Depending on the status of the message sent from SmartFlows to the phone, the SmartFlows sends the status to Salesforce and it gets updated in the related sms record.