May 30, 2019

  • Previously, the file upload feature would not accept files containing commas; this functionality has been added.
  • Users can now set a time zone for a scheduled campaign.
  • Users can now search for a specific list rather than having to page through to browse for their list manually. Lists can be searched by list name and user name.
  • Users can now search for a specific campaign rather than having to page through to browse for their campaign manually. Campaigns can be searched by campaign name.
  • Added a “username” field to the Campaigns page and added functionality to include username in Campaign search.
  • Previously, campaigns were presented in order of the least to most recent, meaning the oldest campaigns appeared near the top. Now, campaigns are sorted by most to least recent.
  • We added a feature to show when a campaign was last executed on the Campaigns table.
  • There is a new validation that prevents a list from being uploaded without a field that can be used to send the communication (right now, phone is required).
  • We fixed an issue where multiple pages would appear in campaign and list tables despite having no content on them.
  • Now, the list page buttons will highlight the page that the user is on, rather than always highlighting page 1.
  • Previously, the uploader would skip the entire row of data if one field was empty. Now, the row will be uploaded with the data field left empty and the other data imported.