May 15, 2020

  • Delivery receipt option: Provides a checkbox for the user to indicate that an SMS should request a delivery receipt.
  • Empty list management: Adds the ability to view and edit empty lists. See documentation.
New Features
  • Pace control: Allows internal users to a sending rate. Current options are 1 per second, 3 per second, 10 per second, or 30 per second. See documentation.
  • Copy a campaign: Adds ability for an Engage user to copy a campaign using a ‘copy’ button. Copies all configurations on the campaign but does not copy any list relationships. See documentation.
Bug Fixes
    • Wrong username: Fixes a bug where Engage assigns the incorrect userid when a campaign or list is created.
    • Campaign updated via API error: Fixes a bug that mistakenly showed no flow was set when creating a campaign by API.