March 14, 2019

Usability Improvements
  • Added pagination of tables to allow the user to navigate more easily through campaigns and lists when volume of content is too large.
  • Added functionality to automatically associate a list to a campaign after going through the ‘Upload List’ flow. 
  • Added functionality to allow the user to upload a list wherein some of the cells are empty. This removes some strictness from the process of uploading lists to the app, reducing friction. A phone number is required.
Bug Fixes
  • Ensured that the scheduler (currently set to a fixed Eastern time) sent campaigns at the appropriate time, which users had reported issues with
  • Contacts were not being deleted from lists after the delete button was clicked; this issue is fixed
  • Fixed a usability issue wherein lists were cut off by the bottom of the browser window
  • Fixed a usability issue where a user could not edit a campaign after it was saved without leaving the page and coming back