December 17, 2019

  • Customers can now create a communications flow utilizing Facebook with new Facebook trigger and Facebook Send actions.
  • We added a UI element to highlight selected area codes in the Regional Routing action to show selected area codes more prominently.
  • The UI label in the Regional Routing action changed from ‘Area Code Map’ to ‘Select Area Codes’ to better describe the functionality.
  • A new feature allows a customer to set a specific time duration for a Watson Assistant session, after which time, the session will reset.
Bug Fixes
  • We fixed a bug that caused text-to-speech audio to fail and the flow to stop when the Record Response action was placed after the DTMF action.
  • We fixed a bug resulting from the latest Chrome update that caused the menus in the audio configuration to overlap, impacting usability.
  • A bug that caused some excluded area codes not to be displayed in the Regional Routing action configuration has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue where variable drag-and-drop sometimes resulted in a space character being placed in a field in front of a variable, which breaks the flow.
  • Fixed a bug that caused variables created using the “Set” variable to be sent as literal values rather than replaced values.
  • Fixed an issue related to sending SMS with US numbers via API.