Creating a Jira Service Desk Issue

To create a Jira Service Desk Issue, you need the following:

Update Your SmartFlow
  1. Add an External Web Call action to your flow.
  2. Configure the action as follows:

USER NAME:{Jira Username}

PASSWORD:{Jira Password}


URL OF SERVICE:{Jira instance name}




    “fields”: { 

       “project”: {“key”: “{Your Zendesk Project Key}“}, 

       “summary”: “The Ticket Title goes here..“, 

       “description”: “Creating of an issue using project keys and issue type names using the REST API”, 

       “issuetype“: { “name”: “{Enter Your Issue Type Here e.g Epic, Bug, Task}” } 



  1. Configure the RESPONSE VARIABLES to capture the issue information. For more information see the Jira Issue support page.
  2. Save and Deploy your flow.